Accountable Education

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JIVA designed its accountable education model in response to the belief held throughout the villages that local public schools offered limited value. When JIVA began its programs, the combination of the low level of parental engagement, with students’ limited interest in school, and teachers’ subdued morale indicated that these key stakeholders believed other activities, such as work, were more important than education. The result was manifested in high absence and drop-out rates, very low test scores, and widespread illiteracy.

JIVA developed a holistic, grassroots approach to expose students, parents, and teachers to attainable quality education and to help shift the communities’ perspectives on the value of education. To address these systemic challenges, JIVA’s accountable education initiative aims to build the capacity of key stakeholder groups, reduce deterrents to attending school, and increase incentives to learn.

"Education should be about the holistic development of a child. I believe that children should get the opportunity to develop physically and emotionally in addition to their academic achievement – that we should aim for children to develop as good human beings above all else."

KAILASH CHANDRA JAIN, Headmaster of Sakrawas School (2013-2015), Rajasthan, India

JIVA Education Impact


Total savings within the JIVA project area from 138 students switching from private to public school (2014 – 2016).


Of the 74 students who tested at “Level 0” during the ERC Level Tests in September, 2013, 96% improved by at least one level and 78% improved by two or more levels when tested one year later. 


The number of students eligible to receive a merit-based scholarship for the 2016-2017 school year, up from 49 students in 2013-2014.

Note: all monetary amounts are given in US dollars purchasing power parity (PPP)

Education Resource Centers (ERCs)

To raise students' education levels to meet or exceed their assigned school grade and build children's confidence in and familiarity with quality education, JIVA invests in after-school tutoring centers that are conveniently located near the students' homes and are available to any girl or boy between ages 5-16, from any caste, free of charge.




"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." —GHANDI

JIVA Spotlights

Stories from individuals in the field about JIVA's educational approach


Charu Choudhary

Community Education Associate since 2013
Radha Kumawat-square

Radha Kumawat

Eighth Grade Student