APRIL 4–5, 2017 // PYXERA Global Engagement Forum: Live


Solving the Solvable

On April 4-5, 2017, PYXERA Global will convene an invite-only forum focusing on specific solvable problems related to Global Health, Agriculture, and Economic Opportunity. Join leaders from across sectors for two days of intensive collaboration to move the Global Goals from aspiration to achievement.

Featured Speakers

Please check back for the full line-up.
Richard Crespin

Richard Crespin

Chief Executive Officer, CollaborateUp
Mark Kramer

Mark Kramer

Co-founder, FSG
Deirdre White

Deirdre White

Alice Korngold

Alice Korngold

President & CEO, Korngold Consulting LLC
Amanda MacArthur

Amanda MacArthur

Chief Program Officer, PYXERA Global
Stan Litow, IBM vice president of Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs and President, IBM International Foundation

Stan Litow

Vice President of Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs, IBM and President, IBM International Foundation

Conference Agenda

Solvable Problems

Social challenges for which there are known and tested solutions

PYXERA Global’s conceptualization of “solvable problems” is framed within the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, ratified by the United Nations in 2015. The seventeen goals provide a comprehensive vision for a sustainable future. However, their broad reach often leaves individuals, organizations, and governments wondering, “Where do we begin?” We believe that starting with a focus on specific, solvable problems, within the context of these Goals, offers a path forward to create enduring, systemic change.

Certain global challenges can be distinguished as solvable because we’ve seen them successfully resolved on smaller scales. The tools, practices, and resources exist. What is needed now is leadership, vision, collaboration, and resources from the public, private, and social sectors, and a clear commitment to move forward. Converting need into opportunity provides strong incentives for all stakeholders to scale solutions and move the Goals from aspiration toward achievement.

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Post-Harvest Loss

Improve food and nutrition security, enhance livelihoods along the agricultural value chain, and reduce negative environmental impacts by eliminating the loss of food between field and market.

Skills Gap

Prepare and productively employ youth at living wages with growth opportunities in environments of mutual respect.

Preventable & Treatable Disease

Reduce the personal, societal, and economic impact from three Non-Communicable Diseases—cervical cancer, diabetes (Type 2), and hypertension.

BIG thanks to everyone who participated in our Post-Harvest Loss Twitter Chat on January 26!

Participating in the PYXERA Global Engagement Forum

What to Expect

The Global Engagement Forum is not your average conference. Participants are expected to engage in intensive collaboration for the entire two-day event, sharing their own unique understanding, expertise, and approaches through a series of interactive work sessions aligned to a specific issue track. Through this facilitated collaboration, the event aims to drive insight and inspiration to catalyze scalable solutions.


Participants bring relevant experience, expertise, examples, questions, and a commitment to participate. 


Attendees represent leaders and influencers from across the private, public, and social sectors.


Participants are divided across three issue tracks and tasked to create collaborative action on solvable problems.

The Sustainable Development Goals, ratified by the United Nations in September 2015, provide a compelling foundation for action to solve the world’s most difficult challenges. Seeing this as a tremendous opportunity to create shared value by harnessing the capabilities of the private, public, and social sectors, PYXERA Global convened the first Global Engagement Forum in November 2015.

This year, the PYXERA Global Engagement Forum will be held at:

1825 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009

Please check back for more information about the conference—including our featured speakers and detailed agenda.

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