BORDERLESS: A Global Engagement Community


This month, PYXERA Global is launching a new initiative that brings together the myriad of organizations and individuals that have helped forge our success over the past 25 years.

Join us in celebrating the launch of Borderless: A Global Engagement Community.

PYXERA Global’s work takes us from Sao Paulo to Accra to Rajasthan and everywhere in between. We partner with leaders from the public, private, and social sectors to design and implement solutions to some of today’s most pressing issues, from access to clean water, to sustainable agriculture, to early childhood education. While the geographies and subject matter of our work look different every day, one constant is the caliber of people and organizations with whom we collaborate. We work with brilliant, dedicated, pioneering leaders around the world. We work with you.

Over the last 25 years PYXERA Global has collaborated with tens of thousands of people in more than 90 countries around the world. The programs we’ve designed and the partners we’ve worked with are extremely diverse, and our work has evolved over the years to respond to emerging and dynamic needs. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary by embarking on a new initiative to reconnect with the individuals we’ve partnered with along the way, creating opportunities for you to continue to shape our work in the future.

This initiative will unite a community of people passionate about creating positive change in the world around them. It will also strengthen our collective commitment to purposeful global engagement by amplifying the stories of impact that continuously inspire us all to do even more.

Today we are excited to launch Borderless: A Global Engagement Community.

This new initiative provides a community of engagement for everyone who has had meaningful cross-cultural experiences with our organization throughout its history. This includes:

    • Staff & Board: We are excited to connect with past and present staff and board members that have stewarded this organization through a generation of impact. Whether you were part of our team in DC or Des Moines, Luanda or Lviv, Sofia or Sakhalin, Udaipur or Uberlandia, we hope to connect with all of you who have been instrumental in shaping the mission and work of the organization as it exists today.
    • Volunteer Advisors: From the early years of Citizens Democracy Corps, Volunteer Advisors served mostly in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union to strengthen the foundation of free society through private sector economic development. We want to learn more about the diverse experiences of volunteers in the early days of the organization’s founding and how the experience has shaped you.
    • Global pro bono team participants: More than 2,000 international corporate volunteers from a score of companies have worked with CDC Development Solutions (CDS) and now PYXERA Global by lending their business acumen to hundreds of projects around the world. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with others who have had similar experiences.
    • Global pro bono corporate partners: As a representatives of a multinational corporation that supports global pro bono work, you have played a critical role in designing, executing, and measuring the impact of projects that improve lives and livelihoods worldwide. We welcome you to the community of those committed to purposeful global engagement.
    • Project funders or partners: Representatives of  multinational corporations, USAID, and public or private foundations that support small- or medium-sized enterprises, integrated community development, or local content development work, have also played a critical role in designing, executing, and measuring the impact of meaningful projects around the world. This community celebrates your important contributions to purposeful global engagement.
    • Local clients: Thousands of local clients around the world have been served by PYXERA Global’s programs, including small and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and social sector institutions. Join us in creating a community of all those who have benefitted from the professional expertise, outside perspective, and collaborative approach of our volunteers and staff.
    • MBAEC/MBAs Without Borders: Since 1990, more than 1,000 talented and experienced MBA graduates have been matched to skill-based, pro bono consulting assignments in emerging markets worldwide through the MBA Enterprise Corps and MBAs Without Borders. Join the network of MBAs making a difference in the world.
    • Global Health Fellows Program Alumni & Champions: Participants in the USAID-funded Global Health Fellows Program at the Public Health Institute (PHI) are global health professionals that deliver innovative solutions to emerging health challenges. We encourage not only those fellows to join the Borderless community, but also the thousands of other global health champions from a variety of fields across the public, private, and social sectors that are informed advocates for effective global health initiatives.
    • Citizen Diplomacy Network member organizations: Representatives from the dozens of non-government organizations and higher education institutions that belong to the Center for Citizen Diplomacy’s Network provide opportunities for people to be citizen diplomats every day, in their own backyard and while abroad. Help us celebrate the unique benefits of citizen diplomacy and people-to-people engagement everywhere.
    • Center for Citizen Diplomacy program participants: Thousands of people have had dir
      ect citizen diplomacy experiences or convened to promote the shared vision of the power of citizen diplomacy through the Arab American Business Fellowship, American Voices in American Spaces participants, J-Center conferences in the United States and Japan, the National Summit for Citizen Diplomacy, citizen diplomacy leadership retreats, and virtual events.

By becoming one of the thousands of supporters and advocates connected to PYXERA Global through the Borderless community, you demonstrate your commitment to solidifying purposeful global engagement as a practice that will define the next century of international affairs.  Join us to hear more about virtual, regional, and national events designed to explore critical issues and connect global problem-solvers. Also, let us know if you have a story of your own to tell that you believe will inspire the next generation of change agents.

How can you be involved?

  • Sign-up to join the Borderless community. Simply share your contact information with us and we will keep you up-to-date on upcoming events, developments in our collective work, and other ways to connect with fellow global engagement leaders. We promise to never solicit you for more than your great ideas.
  • Read and share articles from The New Global Citizen about current global engagement initiatives around the world and pass them around to your friends and colleagues.
  • Share your story with us about your own personal experience working on a global engagement project and how the lessons learned continue to shape your work and worldview.
  • Tell us your opinion by taking a quick survey about the “Principles of Purposeful Global Engagement” we are crafting this year. Your input is instrumental in guiding the discussion.
  • Make a connection by sending us a note about a potential opportunity with an organization, foundation, or company that you think might be right for us to explore a new partnership.

We hope you’ll join us today.

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