Call for Solutions by July 31: Submit Initiatives that Address One of Three Global Challenges through Collaboration

PYXERA Global is Hosting Fall Virtual Event Series on the Youth Skills Gap, Post-Harvest Loss, and Treatable and Preventable NCDs

(Washington, DC) July 26, 2017 – The time is now to engage partners, begin collaborations, scale solutions, and make progress on solvable problems such as reducing post-harvest loss, bridging youth skills gap and increasing employability, and treating and preventing non-communicable diseases (NCDs). PYXERA Global will host a #GEFlive fall virtual event series on those three solvable problems, starting in September. Be featured in PYXERA Global’s fall virtual event series by submitting your initiative by July 31.[/vc_column_text]

The series will launch with a webcast in September on how to jumpstart collaborative action inside your own organization. Following the webcast, PYXERA Global will host three twitter chats on the youth skills gap and employability, post-harvest loss, and treatable and preventable non-communicable diseases. If selected, your organization’s solution will be a featured voice in the appropriate fall Twitter Chat and your idea will be actively promoted.

Participants in the successful #GEFlive virtual event series in early 2017 addressed the challenges associated with these same three critical issues. Now the #GEFlive conversation will move from challenges to actionable solutions. The previous virtual event series cumulatively included more than 300 participants from approximately 20 countries with nearly 20 million impressions.

See what active participants of past chats had to say about these critical, but solvable, problems:

Youth Skills Gap:

We need cross-sector collaboration to solve many issues, but a pressing one – and one vital to our economy’s health and future – is that of closing the skills gap. There is a great disconnect between labor supply and demand, and we’re not effectively preparing our young people to obtain gainful employment. Just think about the possibilities if we could get business leaders, educators, and policymakers to partner together and create innovative solutions to put people to work and halt the growing inequality in America.

– Sarah Middleton, Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Citizenship, Executive Director of the PIMCO Foundation

Treatable and Preventable NCDs:

We already know that non-communicable diseases will cost over $30 trillion within the next 20 years and kill more people globally than other diseases. It is those living at the bottom of the pyramid that will be most impacted. Joining the PYXERA Global Engagement Forum to work with collaborators and innovators will help us prevent, diagnose, and treat NCDs—ensuring we solve the solvable.

– Cate O’Kane, Director of Corporate Partnerships, PSI

Post-Harvest Loss:

The private sector has the solutions to address global issues such as post-harvest losses. For instance, GSI manufactures grain storage equipment. The question to address is: how can we all work together to bring the right solutions to the end-users?

– Philip de Leon, Director, Public Affairs & International Business Development at AGCO Corporation

Submit your initiatives online to be considered for a featured voice in the event series. Follow @PYXERAGlobal on Twitter, as well as the #GEFlive hashtag. All submissions are due by July 31st at



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