How to Catalyze Growth in Emerging Markets

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Were you looking for more reasons to attend Catalyzing Growth in Emerging Markets, the 5th annual conference on International Corporate Volunteerism?

Here are six things that will make #Catalyze14 worth the trip!

  1. Learn why leveraged talent through pro bono is quickly becoming one of the most efficient, effective, accelerators of development for  individuals, communities, and businesses—and how to build a compelling case for your organization.
  2. Understand how to spark the insight that leads to innovation—for products, services, and new models for shared value.
  3. Get a front row seat to our broadcast featuring leaders from the public and private sector as they share their perspectives and experiences of public-private partnerships.
  4. Understand why capital investment (often paired with philanthropic or financial investment) is fostering seeds of growth in emerging markets.
  5. Breathe in the fragrance of the cherry blossoms—they should be in full bloom in Washington D.C. on April 7 & 8!  It’s been a long winter….
  6. Once you’ve experienced the exemplary work of companies in underserved markets in more than 69 countries –companies that build local capacity at the same time they build their own leadership capacity and reputations–you’ll have a chance to meet leaders of those companies to hear from the horse’s mouth how the sausage gets made—and what makes it taste so good.

Won’t you join us?  Today is the last day to register for the “early bird” rate. Don’t miss it!

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