The Center for Citizen Diplomacy & PYXERA Global Complete Merger

staff-deirdre-whiteDear Friends, Members, and Citizen Diplomats,

I know you share my commitment to global citizen diplomacy, where each of us has the chance to build relationships that bridge global culture and foster mutual understanding. For the past several years I had the privilege of serving on the Board of the Center for Citizen Diplomacy (the Center) to further this belief, and it was with great pleasure that I spearheaded the merger of PYXERA Global and the Center last fall.

Now that our transition is complete, I am excited to introduce the team members leading this new and growing area of PYXERA Global’s work, and to share with you our vision for the future of the Center as a convener, an advocate, and a champion for the great work being done to grow the citizen diplomacy movement.

I am honored to introduce Diane Rasmussen, the Director of the Center, who has been with the organization since its founding in 2007. Diane is a life-long citizen diplomat who brings to her work a wealth of experience and tireless dedication. You can read more about Diane’s personal journey as a citizen diplomat here. As the new director of the Center, she is paving the way for the future of global citizen diplomacy in the U.S. and around the world.

Amanda MacArthur has played a critical role leading PYXERA Global’s recent growth through new and impactful partnerships around the world as the Vice President of PYXERA’s Global Citizenship and Volunteerism Practice Area. Amanda first discovered her passion for citizen diplomacy as a 16-year-old volunteer with Amigos de las Americas in Capiata, Paraguay, providing vaccinations through a local health clinic. She has transferred this enthusiasm into her professional career.

I know Diane and Amanda are excited to work with you to deliver our shared commitment to global citizenship.

Together, we are seeking to ignite a movement of globally-minded advocates, and we need you to help us expand opportunities for everyday citizens to expand their horizons as members of the global community.

Thank you for reminding us throughout this transition that you share our belief that global fluency and leadership among all citizens is more important than ever in our complex world. I hope you will send us your ideas, inspirations, and unmet opportunities so we can continue working together to foster a culture of global engagement.

Yours truly,

Deirdre White

President & CEO

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