Non-Communicable Diseases: Co-Creating Solutions for Prevention and Treatment

We invite you to advance known preventions and treatments targeting non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by joining the collaborative #GEFlive conversation Wednesday, January 24 at 10 a.m. ET. At the 2017 Global Engagement Forum: Live, we discussed similarities and barriers across non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This lays the foundation for effective collaboration moving forward.  Join the conversation with PSI, IntraHealth, Novartis Foundation, and PYXERA Global for the #GEFlive, NCDs Twitter Chat: Co-Creating Solutions for Prevention and Treatment. 

PUBLICATION: Preventing and Treating Non-Communicable Diseases

Published by PSI and PYXERA Global

What do cervical cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and hypertension have in common? They are three diseases that are largely preventable, easily screened/diagnosed, and highly treatable with known therapies. Solutions to lessen the impact of the three diseases require a comprehensive approach from all sectors, including health, finance, foreign affairs, education, and agriculture, to work together to reduce the risks associated with non-communicable diseases (NCDs), as well as to promote the interventions which prevent and manage them.

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Twitter LogoTWEET ME: Similarities & barriers across #NCDs lay the foundation for effective collaboration. Join @PSIimpact @NovartisFDN @IntraHealth Wed, Jan 24 at 10 a.m. ET for the #GEFlive TWITTER CHAT #SDGs #GlobalHealth @PYXERAglobal

Moderated by @PYXERAglobal, this #GEFlive chat will feature: 

@PSIimpact – PSI is a global non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of people in the developing world.

@IntraHealth  – IntraHealth believes everyone everywhere should have the health care they need to thrive. And they’re focusing on health workers to get there.

@NovartisFDN – Novartis transforms healthcare in lower middle income countries. They focus on NCDs, leprosy, digital health, and urban health.

This event is the third in a series of virtual events around PYXERA Global’s identified solvable problems. Recap the first event on the youth skills gap (here) and the second event on post-harvest loss (here). Help us in finding the next Solvable Problem to feature by participating in the Solvable Problem Challenge.

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