Engage your employees to be part of the solution

We know it’s easy to feel helpless in times like these.  By providing ways for your employees to actively use their skills
and talent to create solutions, you can redirect that sense of uncertainty into agency, action, and change. 
During this challenging time, many of our partners are asking, “what can we do?”
At PYXERA Global, we are working with our partners to answer that question.
Programs put in place to meet long term objectives and strategies may need to be delayed.
At the same time, there are immediate challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Both require creative alternatives.
An unprecedented crisis requires unprecedented collaboration. Either you are ready to take immediate actions
or want to help build resiliency for the future.

We’re here to help.

Take Immediate Action

Harness your employees’ energy and skills. During times of social distancing,
create opportunities for your employees to become more connected to your company,
to one another, and to being part of the solution.



We’ll work with you to swiftly identify areas where your employees are best suited to contribute and help you meet your employee engagement goals.


We are working now with the public health sector and other partners to identify gaps in local and county government, along with emerging community needs.  We’ll match your employees to the projects that best align with their ability to contribute.  


We’ll facilitate projects that allow your employees to be part of the solution—and help address the COVID-19 crisis from their home or office.


Virtually engage your employees with organizations  addressing the current  crisis. This harnesses employees’ capacity to lead from afar and enables  organizations on the front lines to address the  COVID-19 crisis more swiftly.


Your employees can support through: virtual call center support,  data management,  database development,  small business advisory, online learning, food distribution mapping, and  more.  


Engage larger numbers of  employees  or distinct groups. Work directly with local and county government, local health agencies, and NGOs who are on the front lines now. 

The Time for Purpose

The commitment to purpose is being tested. Those who learn how to keep their employees engaged will be more ready
to move forward when this time comes to an end. This is an opportunity not only to meet corporate responsibility commitments,
but also to demonstrate corporate leadership. 
 View and download our program examples.

Build Resiliency for the Future

COVID-19 Corporate Challenge

Understanding that one of the most important elements of crisis management is to prepare
for the next crisis, we  are creating the COVID-19 Corporate Challenge.
The Challenge will virtually engage your employees to  create  bold  solutions to  address  the limitations
in the public health system surfaced  by  COVID-19.
Teams of employees will “compete” to provide the most
innovative solutions to challenges facing health organizations on the front lines.

For Companies

Are you a company interested in contributing your employee talent to the crisis? 
Work with us to engage employees to foster:
  • An increased sense of purpose
  • Higher retention
  • Greater productivity
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For Health Service Organizations
those Supporting the Crisis

Are you an organization that can benefit from additional support through corporate expertise?
Work with us to:
  • Articulate the gap between where an initiative is and where you want it to be
  • Identify actions you can take to overcome these obstacles
  • Identify resources you need to achieve this

“Our common resiliency is born in our ability to come together to confront the issues that lay before us.”

—Deirdre White, CEO, PYXERA Global

To learn how your organization can get involved, sign up here.

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