Lessons from IBM’s Skills-based ‘Service Corps’

Five years after it was founded, IBM’s Corporate Service Corps has become one of the best-known corporate volunteerism programs. The program has already sent more than 2,400 volunteers to developing countries, where they work side-by-side for a month with local NGOs and organizations.

Speaking with Devex Impact on the sidelines of the International Corporate Volunteerism conference in Washington D.C., Gina Tesla, IBM’s director of corporate citizenship, said the program has become more sophisticated in how it works with local organizations.

“It’s always been skills-based volunteerism, and it’s always been strategic strategic, but we have a better sense now of the partners we want to work with,” she said.

Tesla spoke beside Deirdre White, CEO of PYXERA Global, which works with IBM to design and execute the volunteer experience.

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