Employees Lend Skills to Detroit Nonprofits

In the U.S., individuals, corporations and foundations donated an estimated $335 billion to nonprofits in 2013, the highest dollar amount in American history according to a July 2014 study conducted by the Giving USA Foundation. And while that figure is a testament to the tremendous spirit of giving in the U.S., many charitable institutions across the country face tremendous challenges acquiring the expertise, data and other resources they need to carry out their missions. One way that corporations have been helping nonprofits address this challenge is by providing employee volunteers who donate their professional skills to help nonprofits build capacity.

Tara Cardone, Head of Employee Engagement and Volunteerism at JPMorgan Chase & Co., recently spoke with two nonprofit CEOs about the changing needs of America’s nonprofits and how new models of corporate philanthropy and volunteerism are making a difference in the city of Detroit. William F. Jones, Jr. is the CEO of Focus: HOPE, a renowned civil and human rights organization working to bridge the racial divide in southeast Michigan through food programs, career training programs and community development. Deirdre White is the CEO of PYXERA Global, a leading nonprofit organization that facilitates global pro bono programs and leverages the unique strengths of corporations, governments and social sector organizations to enhance the abilities of people and communities to solve complex problems and attain mutually beneficial goals.

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