Enterprise Development

Building Sustainable Businesses and Resilient Communities

PYXERA Global has over two decades of experience in Enterprise Development working to boost the capabilities of local enterprises in emerging markets around the world. PYXERA Global works alongside local communities to offer the tools for successful and sustainable enterprise development. Through training, consulting, mentoring, and providing linkages to information, technology and financing, PYXERA Global provides innovative and market-driven solutions that lead small and medium enterprises toward sustainable and equitable growth.

Our Approach to Enterprise Development

Needs Assessment

A participatory needs assessment is conducted at the outset of each project in order to gain a deep understanding of the primary stakeholders’ needs, the gaps in capacity, and possible solutions to meet these gaps. Needs assessments also provide the opportunity to gain baseline data to track the progress over the life of the project. PYXERA Global prides itself on working in an agile manner – continuously evaluating and making necessary improvements throughout the implementation of a program – not only to meet the evolving needs of the client or funder but to ensure performance indicators are on target and key data is being monitored to determine the success of the program’s investment.

Capacity Building

Once the needs of the community are determined, we work with local staff and partners to determine the appropriate trainings to offer. Trainings and certifications provide entrepreneurs and businesses with the skills and resources needed to develop current and new ventures and promote economic stability. These trainings include sessions on marketing, entrepreneurship, consulting, management, procurement, and more.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is an important aspect of each of our Enterprise Development projects. We begin with a full project assessment at the outset, including creating a stakeholder analysis and logical framework, to help guide our direction. Throughout each project, we create assessment tools to gather data and information to ensure that we properly measure our impact, make adjustments as needed, and collect information for our internal and external reports.

Stakeholder Engagement

Through robust Stakeholder Engagement, we ensure the whole community of beneficiaries and investors works collaboratively from the start. Together, we work to provide a diverse range of solutions that can address the needs of the local community. PYXERA Global develops innovative project management plans and key performance indicators in collaboration with the project stakeholders. We consistently track our performance by using project specific evaluation and assessment tools and ensure immediate response to obstacles that hinder the progress and smooth implementation of the project activities.

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