Ethical Corporation’s Social Impact Dividend Briefing

With Expert Insights from Siemens, Nestle, Unilever, FedEx, WBCSD, and UBS

Measuring social impact is highly complex. Yet, being able to prove how responsible social initiatives contribute to business and to national development goals is now crucial.

How can companies align business and societal interests and then quantify and prove their positive impact?

Review Ethical Corporation’s excellent, newly published 15-page briefing. This report outlines key strategies for companies to measure and quantify their social impact to give them a competitive edge.

Click here to download your complimentary copy.

Find expert insights from:

  • Markus Strangmüller, Vice President of Sustainability – Business to Society, Siemens
  • Tom Hall, Executive Director, Head of Philanthropy Services, UBS
  • Truus Huisman, VP Sustainable Business and Communications Europe, Unilever
  • Anna Turrell, Senior Public Affairs Manager – Sustainability, Nestlé
  • Shane O’Connor, Communications and Global Philanthropic Programs Director, FedEx
  • Kitrhona Cerri, Director, Social Impact, WBCSD

PYXERA Global is expanding its relationship with Ethical Corporation to drive the movement for responsible business, CSR, and sustainability executives to link social purpose to profit. Amanda MacArthur, Chief Program Officer at PYXERA Global, will present alongside The Rockefeller Foundation on the YieldWise initiative at Ethical Corporation’s 16th Responsible Business Summit Europe taking place in London on June 7-8.  The session, Unlikely alliances: finding common ground when working from different agendas, will demonstrate how the use of tri-sector partnerships like YieldWise can lead to unparalleled results. 

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