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South Africa welcomes the Corporate Social Sabbatical Movement

Cape Town, South Africa — March 2017 – Today’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes require more than just a few hours of volunteering time each month to alleviate the globe’s most unrelenting problems. That is why more and more forward thinking companies are taking cognisance of a relatively new and evolving approach: the ‘Corporate Social Sabbatical’.

The three-way win (NGO, employee and employer) initiative became popular in the U.S in 2008 with more than 8,000 employees sent to 80 countries on global pro-bono programmes, according to the PYXERA Global pro-bono survey of multinational corporations. Nine years later, the volunteering programme continues to grow in popularity: 34 of the “100 Best Workplaces in Europe” provide paid social sabbaticals, while 23% of U.S. companies and 24.8% of Japanese companies offer similar programmes.

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