Good Work, No Pay

So many MBAs, so few jobs.

Despite daily reports of laid-off executives, all is not dark — if you’re the patient sort of investor.

There is, in fact, a lot of work for MBAs. It just doesn’t pay very well. Actually, it doesn’t pay at all, but that’s a minor detail in the grand scheme. Job requirements are as follows: professional business experience, valid passport, commitment to volunteerism, adventurous spirit, flexibility and … a sense of humor.

If you’re thinking you might find yourself in some remote hollow of, say, South Sudan or Kyrgyzstan, you might be right. But you’d be helping save the world, so hang tight.

At this moment, volunteer MBAs are deployed in 15 countries, putting their skills to work helping small and medium-sized businesses get up and running. They’re all part of the MBA Enterprise Corps, a division of PYXERA Global, a quietly efficient operation begun 19 years ago by the first President George Bush.

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