How corporate America can change the world

Over the summer, Fortune released its Companies Changing the World list, an important new ranking of 50 companies around the world that are doing well by doing good. There is much to admire and emulate from this list. And given the extraordinary scale of efforts needed to address the massive challenges facing the world today, it’s critical that major corporations take notice and engage in this space.

For far too long, the private sector’s efforts in sustainable development have largely gone unnoticed due in part to the fact that these efforts typically take a long time to seed and bear and fruit, and due to a random “kitchen sink” approach with little strategic focus.

When it comes to the companies on the Changing the World List, what is needed now is prioritization of where more companies and other stakeholders can engage and then an in-depth sharing of what works.While clearly there is much that companies are doing to address a number of issues affecting society globally, what’s missing from the current discussions is focus and prioritization of efforts. There are a number of challenges where the private sector is positioned to be a game changer and when they focus their efforts and engage in meaningful partnerships, real impact is achieved.

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