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International Education Week: Recognizing the Power of Cultural Exchange

Anyone who has had the privilege of studying abroad is aware of how influential such an experience can be. Beyond the discovery of new cultures, languages, and landscapes, not to mention the lifelong friendships made, international students develop valuable cultural competencies, adaptability skills, and a respect for diversity that have profound implications. In an increasingly interconnected world and with a widening skills gap threatening youth employability, it is critical that we expand international education opportunities for youth in order to cultivate the next generation of leaders with the global mindsets and vision to close this gap.

Now celebrating its 18th consecutive year, International Education Week (#IEW16), a joint initiative by the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Education, is underway from November 14th-18th. This year’s theme, empowering youth through international education, captures the essence and potential of cultural exchange for youth and young adults to build cultural bridges and create opportunities for powerful insights. A study of over 1000 college graduates who had participated in IES Abroad programs found that 89% got their first job within six months of graduation. It’s clear that these formative experiences empower students and tend to shape the course of their lives.

Global cooperation and constructive engagement is at the core of what we strive for at PYXERA Global. To recognize IEW and celebrate the power of citizen diplomacy at home and abroad, we’d like to share a sample of our recently published stories related to this theme. Please join us in reading these stories from the field about cultural awareness and international education.

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Our #IEW16 Favorites

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