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Driving Economic Growth Across Communities

PYXERA Global has more than 20 years of experience in enhancing the capabilities of local companies to successfully become suppliers to multinational corporations, especially those that extract natural resources.  We work with promising enterprises – from food services to fabrication and excavation to engineering – to meet the procurement demands of large corporations. Our purpose is to ensure that the local business community is able to actively participate in and benefit from new resource discovery, ultimately building a successful business at the same time as a sustainable community.

What is Local Content?

Put simply, local content refers to the extent to which local people and companies are able to participate in the workforce and supply chains of a given industry. It is most often a focus area in sectors that require technical sophistication to manage natural resources—namely extractive industries such as mining, oil, and gas. 

Partner Benefits

Once a PYXERA Global Local Content Development initiative is in place, local businesses are better able to comply with complex contracting requirements and stringent environmental health and safety standards, to meet the procurement demands of contractors and the extraction site owner, and to drive economic growth across the entire community. These local content programs provide jobs and enhanced incomes and, over time, reduce the environmental footprint of the supply base. Explore more partner benefits below:

Public Private Partnerships

As the trusted implementer of local content and economic development programs for private and public sector clients as well as international organizations, PYXERA Global recognizes the importance of exploring each client’s objectives and overlapping interests and forging relevant partnerships.  We facilitate dialogue between the private and public sectors and international organizations to enable private sector development to deliver local benefits.

Improved Livelihoods

PYXERA Global works with local businesses to diversify economies and generate employment by developing capabilities through improved business management and technical skills. Our holistic approach to enterprise development aligns local capabilities with multinational company needs and provides enhanced market knowledge and linkages for small and medium enterprises.

Stakeholder Engagement

PYXERA Global employs a participatory approach to our engagement with local communities and businesses. Our programs are designed to focus on the actual needs of the community, always incorporating feedback from potential beneficiaries.

Sustainable Enterprises

PYXERA Global has a successful history of providing direct technical assistance and training to local enterprises and business support institutions. We ensure program sustainability and continued support to enterprises by creating lasting partnerships with local stakeholders and ensuring strategic transfer of knowledge to local partners. By working with local stakeholders to build capacity, we ensure that the impact of our programs continues beyond our presence in a particular area.

Market Knowledge

PYXERA Global provides training and advisory services to both small and medium enterprises and national companies to improve their knowledge of international markets, requirements, and business drivers. Among other areas, we focus on management capacity, technology and business processes, access to finance and markets, and adoption of key health, safety, environment, and quality standards.

Linkages Beyond a Single Supply Chain

PYXERA Global not only works to build the capacity of local enterprises, but also helps to create linkages to local market opportunities–both in the extractive industry and supporting sectors, such as transportation and logistics, machinery maintenance, infrastructure development, and health care. Our past experience demonstrates that many more jobs and economic opportunities are created in industries that support the extractive industry.

Social License to Operate

Multinational companies require more than a legal license to operate in remote emerging market contexts–happy and healthy neighbors are far more accepting of the disruptions caused by large-scale industrial or agricultural projects. Employment and business opportunities are a critical feature in ensuring that the “social license to operate” is awarded by and maintained with local communities.

Global-Local Perspective

PYXERA Global has helped hundreds of national businesses increase their market share and participation in the extractive sector’s supply chains through training, technical assistance, and new opportunities to interface with procurement departments. We work with local businesses to help them meet the stringent industry standards in the areas of quality, safety, environment, delivery times, customer service, and pricing and sales techniques.

The Path to Effective Local Content

Gap Analysis

By beginning with a gap analysis, we understand both the demands of the project and the ability of the local community to meet those demands. A gap analysis is supported by extensive in-person interviews with local community stakeholders and client representatives alike. The PYXERA Global approach to gap analysis is thorough and objective and the findings of the study will point the way forward for future community engagement.

Stakeholder Relations

Natural resource discovery can yield tremendous economic growth opportunities for local communities when engaged appropriately in the resource discovery and development process. By understanding local community resources, we are able to quickly engage vetted service providers as new contractors and international service providers join an extended build project. PYXERA Global develops and sustains relationships among appropriate stakeholders representing the client and the local community to improve the ability of local enterprises and suppliers to meet the demands of the natural resource extraction process.

Supplier Capacity Development

To overcome capability gaps identified by the gap analysis, PYXERA Global provides targeted technical assistance that improves the abilities of local suppliers to meet client procurement demands and compliance standards. These services range from tailored training programs to comprehensive enterprise development solutions. PYXERA Global works hand in hand with the local community to ensure local enterprises are able to take advantage of the opportunities provided by new resource discovery.

Resource Access

PYXERA Global facilitates enhanced Access to Finance, Access to Technology, and Access to Markets for small and medium enterprises in resource-rich markets. Often, lack of access to specific resources can hinder the ability of local enterprises to respond to tenders and contracting demands. By providing tools that provide mindful access to finance, PYXERA  Global enables  local enterprises to expand their infrastructure to meet demand. PYXERA Global has also designed tailored IT solutions, like tender and provider databases, that provide invaluable access to technology that further facilitates efficient contracting of local services. Sometimes, local vendors lack awareness of demand for their product, and simply enabling market access can have a transformative economic effect.

Performance Evaluation

PYXERA Global provides on-going assessment of how Local Content Development services are meeting or exceeding goals in the target community. To do so, we create dynamic, tailored assessment tools to measure the impact that matters most to our clients and the communities in which we work.

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