How to Make Collaboration Work – 7 Lessons from the Field

Collaboration is an unnatural act between non-consenting adults,” says Mark Kramer, Co-founder of FSG and co-author of the landmark HBR articles Creating Shared Value and The Ecosystem of Shared Value. That’s why partnerships are so hard to get right.

Last week at the Global Engagement Forum: Live, hosted by PYXERA Global, changemakers from all sectors convened to talk about the sticky issue of “collaboration”. Experts agree that in order to solve systemic challenges facing our shared planet, we’ll need to develop new levels of partnerships that tackle the most challenging issues we’ve ever faced. “Collaboration takes the head of a sage, the heart of a visionary, and the feet of an explorer,” said PYXERA Global CEO, Deirdre White.

So how do you create collaborations when our natural tendency is to not? Here are the 7 key lessons from the Forum:

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