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Since 1990, PYXERA Global has matched over 1000 talented and experienced MBA graduates to skill-based, pro bono consulting assignments in emerging markets worldwide. MBAs Without Borders embeds MBA’s business acumen and professional skills in local non-governmental organizations, social enterprises and bi- and multilateral development programs. Through long-term technical assistance and market-based strategies, MBAs Without Borders Advisors enable enterprises, government agencies, and civil society organizations in emerging and frontier markets to acquire, utilize, and adapt the latest management tools and techniques needed to strengthen institutional capacity, improve service provision, and support systemic change.

Working directly with local organizations, entrepreneurs, and community stakeholders, MBAs Without Borders Advisors help strengthen management and financial capacities and enhance access to capital in order to increase employment, promote opportunities, and foster broad-based economic growth. From designing business plans and conducting strategic analyses to launching marketing campaigns and introducing innovative products, they serve as integral members of their client’s team, working collaboratively to improve strategies and address challenges.

Each MBAs Without Borders assignment is designed to accelerate the Advisor’s professional and personal development by providing them with the opportunity to gain practical experience working in emerging and frontier markets, while developing skills that strengthen their ability to conduct business on a global scale and lead multicultural teams.

4,000+ Organizations

MBAs Without Borders has strengthened and supported over 4000 enterprises, entrepreneurs, governments, and NGOs through pro bono consulting services.

6 to 12 Months

The average MBAs Without Borders assignment ranges from 6-12 months depending on the needs of the local client.

1,000+ Advisors

Over 1000 MBAs Without Borders Advisors have been placed on assignments that promote growth, entrepreneurship, and economic development around the world.


Recent assignments include placements in Cambodia, Belarus, Kenya, Uganda, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Equatorial Guinea, Mexico, Malawi, and Bhutan.

Client Benefits

  • Access to a network of highly-skilled and experienced professionals from around the world with MBAs from top business schools
  • Fixed fee, turn-key program with comprehensive support and management services throughout the assignment period
  • Cost-effective technical assistance resources to meet program goals
  • In-kind services equivalent to $110,000 a year
  • Flexibility and rapid response to emerging needs
  • Opportunity to identify and recruit future leaders
  • Organization exposure through PYXERA Global’s media channels including The New Global Citizen, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Advisor Benefits

  • Gain practical experience working in emerging and frontier markets
  • Develop critical skills that strengthen your ability to conduct business on a global scale and to lead multicultural teams
  • Support throughout assignment and access to MBAs Without Borders Alumni as well as PYXERA Global staff and consultants
  • Create sustainable change where it matters most
  • Gain experience in impact investing, value chain development, capacity building, business advisory services, and more
  • Little to no out-of-pocket cost and loan deferment support
  • Sharpen your entrepreneurial instincts while demonstrating the ability to work as a team member

Success Stories

Eleazar Ortiz Leverages Biodigesters in Mexico City

Eleazar Ortiz, a graduate of New York University, served as an MBAs Without Borders Advisor from 2011 – 2012 in Mexico City, Mexico. Eleazar supported business development efforts for Buen Manejo del Campo, a social enterprise which produces, distributes, and installs Sistema Biobolsa, an award winning system designed to convert organic waste from small and medium-sized farms, particularly cattle waste, into renewable energy (methane-rich biogas) and into an organic fertilizer. Over the course of Eleazar’s 8-month MBAs Without Borders assignment, he gained increasingly significant responsibilities. Following his assignment with Buen Manejo del Campo, his role within the organization had become so integral, that he was asked to stay on as the company’s General Manager. His role at Buen Manejo del Campo prepared him for his current position as an Enterprise Education Business Development Manager at Google.

Triin Visnapuu Pioneers Social Enterprise in Morocco

Triin Visnapuu, an MBA graduate of HEC Paris, recently completed a nearly two-year long assignment in Marrakech, Morocco. As an MWB Advisor, Triin worked with the woman’s cooperative, Al Kawtar and the social enterprise, Al Nour. Both organizations produce traditional embroideries handmade by disabled women in the community. The organizations provide the women with the opportunity to earn a living, while also enabling them to enroll in the state social security system, ensuring they will receive a pension after they retire.

Ari Sznajder Supports Profitable and Ethical Business in Nigeria

Ari Sznajder, a graduate of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, served as an MWB Advisor in 2008 in Lagos, Nigeria. During his MWB assignment, Ari worked with LEAP Africa, an NGO committed to developing dynamic, innovative, and principled African leaders. As part of his assignment, Ari was responsible for developing a guidebook on business ethics for LEAP Africa to support ethical business practices. The guidebook supported Nigerian businesses in implementing operations that were both profitable and ethical. Widely distributed to business, NGOs, and local governments throughout Africa, the guide promoted the concept that employing business ethics in company operations often leads to long-term financial sustainability.

Michelle Arruda Supports Local Enterprise Capacity in Mozambique

Michelle Arruda, a graduate of University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, served as an MBAs Without Borders Advisor in Mozambique from August 2013 – December 2013 in Pemba, Cabo Delgado. Michelle joined the PYXERA Global team on PYXERA Global’s Supplier Development Program (SDP) which aims to develop local enterprise capacity (local content) to support an international oil and gas company’s liquid natural gas project. Michelle worked with the team to run a gap analysis for local market suppliers against international procurement standards. The team then mapped and developed a database of local suppliers and trained high-potential small and medium-sized enterprises. More than 250 companies were registered in the database by December 2013 and two awareness events were held.

"MBAs Without Borders provided an invaluable opportunity to fulfill my career aspirations of working in business and generating social impact at the same time."

ELEAZER ORTIZ, MBAs Without Borders Alumni, Enterprise Education Business Development Manager, Google

MBAs Without Borders Stories

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