Medtronic Foundation

Global Innovation Fellows

Medtronic Global Innovation Fellows partners top talent with non- governmental organizations (NGOs) and social enterprises to address healthcare for the world’s most underserved populations. Through immersive, experiential learning and skilled service, Medtronic Global Innovation Fellows advances understanding of underserved populations and concepts of frugal innovation and design thinking, while providing employees with a unique opportunity to impact global health.

Medtronic Global Innovation Fellows consists of short and long-term program tracks. The short-term program track consists of small teams representing multiple disciplines, geographies, and skillsets across Medtronic. The teams work together virtually for a number of weeks, culminating in a three-week immersion in a challenging setting, working in partnership with an NGO or social enterprise at the country-level. In addition to the ability to impact global health for the world’s most underserved, projects yield information that supports Medtronic’s broader objectives to foster innovation and entrench corporate social responsibility in business. The long-term program track places individuals with innovative partner organizations internationally, including NGOs and social enterprises, to work alongside the partner organization’s team for 3-6 months. To find out more information about Medtronic’s GIF program, please see the program’s website here.

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