Post-Harvest Loss Reduction

Integrated Approaches to Sustainable Food Systems and Communities

One-third of the world’s available food either spoils or gets thrown away before it ever reaches a plate—that’s enough to feed everyone in the world for two months. And with 1.2 billion people food insecure or undernourished, millions of vulnerable smallholder farmers losing profits they can’t spare, and a population expected to increase by 2 billion by 2050, we cannot afford to allow these losses to continue. Fortunately, food loss and waste are preventable, and solutions already exist. From wider adoption of technologies that keep food fresh longer to models of private sector engagement that ensure farmers have steady buyers for their yields, we can ensure more food gets to more people.

There Is Enough Food to Feed the World – Why Produce More?

Our global food system is facing a quiet crisis—one-third of all food produced is never consumed while 1.2 billion people go to bed hungry or under-nourished, and global economic losses mount into the trillions. Read more about why the food industry’s fight to feed the world should start with post-harvest loss:

Our Approach

PYXERA Global aims to implement inclusive and systematic food loss solutions that work across the food supply system: from farm to store to table and beyond.

Market Linkages

Resource Access

Private Sector Engagement

Measurement Tools

By fixing broken links in the chain from farms to markets in communities, we aim to guarantee farmers steady access to new local and global markets.

We help ensure farmers have access to the technologies and training necessary to preserve crops in harvest, packaging, and distribution.

We work with companies to build processing industries and invest in solutions for smallholder farmers that move more food to market.

We are creating the tools businesses need to measure and track supply chain loss, which will encourage accountability, strengthen supply chains and increase profits.

Case Study

Reducing Crop Loss in Jamaica

PYXERA Global, with private sector sponsorship from Jamaican agribusinesses and matching funds from USAID’s Global Development Alliance, developed the Jamaica Farmers Access to Regional Markets (FARMS) program to improve the competitiveness of the Jamaican agricultural sector. Through this program, PYXERA Global connected small growers and marketers through fixed-price contracts and facilitated the transfer of new production and business technologies from marketers to growers.

Post-Harvest Loss Stories

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