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Mobilizing Citizen Diplomats to Address Global Challenges

Join PYXERA Global and the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomacy Center for an interactive workshop with top officials from the United States Department of State, social sector executives, and influential thought leaders to learn more about how the lessons of the diplomatic service, talent development initiatives like Global Pro Bono programs, and emerging cross-sector partnerships to address global challenges create pathways to aligning business goals, talent development, and social impact for your company.

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More About the Interactive Workshop

The complexity of modern life in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution is increasingly clear—even as technology lowers the barriers to interaction with people a world away, the need for direct human engagement has never been greater—this remains as true in the business world as it is in the diplomatic sphere. From global team projects and international travel to working side-by-side in local offices with individuals who look, think, and operate differently, there are more opportunities than ever to collaborate with people who broaden our horizons and challenge our assumptions. This diversity of thought and experience is invaluable, but it must be engaged with thoughtful intention to maximize its full potential.
Through person-to-person interactions, individuals take on not just the role of envoy for their employer, they also act as citizen diplomats, representing their home country and community through their words and actions. Companies that are able to manage the need for employees with the 21st century leadership skills of a citizen diplomat—including adaptability, cultural and mental agility, and the ability to quickly solve complex problems—while providing opportunities for these same employees to find professional fulfillment through programs that create positive social impact will be the most well-placed to win the global talent race and achieve bottom-line success.
Professional Development

In such a highly globalized operating environment, the skills and competencies long recognized as critical for a successful foreign service officer mirror the “human skills” noted as the unique requirements for 21st century leaders in Deloitte’s 2019 Human Capital Trends Report. Companies that invest in their employees’ skill development see measurable return on that investment by way of increased job performance and satisfaction.

Personal Fulfillment

As technology further shrinks the space between work life and home life, employees yearn to find purpose and fulfillment in their professional lives. Employees are increasingly seeking out positions that enable them to link their work back to the social impact it has on society. Companies that are intentional about connecting personal fulfillment and professional development are more likely to attract and retain next generation top talent.

Business as a Force for Good

Investors are focusing more and more on the net positive that business creates in society—as Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, wrote in his most recent annual investor letter, Profits are in no way inconsistent with purpose—in fact, profits and purpose are inextricably linked. Companies that embolden their employees to see themselves as social change agents are the epitome of the oft-repeated mantra of ‘doing good while doing well.’


PPP Conference

The interactive workshop will be held on Tuesday, December 10, 2019 in Washington, D.C.

U.S. Diplomacy Center

330 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20006

Learn more about the United States Diplomacy Center.

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