Resilient Agriculture

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Shaped by the local context of smallholder farming, the goal of JIVA’s resilient agriculture initiative is to increase farmers’ incomes and improve their ability to manage weather disturbances, market fluctuations, and other shocks to their livelihood. Guided by the belief that farmers make the best decisions for themselves, JIVA has taken an integrated, farmer-centric approach to its agricultural interventions – from the portfolio of best practices selected to the training and knowledge sharing delivery mechanisms implemented for each intervention.

JIVA conducts research and works with farmers to identify agricultural practices and opportunities best suited to the climate and market, with the aim of improving crop yields, reducing production and consumption costs, increasing household access to nutritious foods, managing water and other resources judiciously, and helping strengthen agricultural resilience.

"It is important to make agriculture profitable so that it is attractive for the farmers to engage. Engagement leads to new ideas and innovations and makes agriculture more rewarding."

VIRENDAR KHATANA, JIVA Project Director, Rajasthan, India

JIVA Agriculture Impact


Annual projected increase in income in the JIVA project area, from the production of mature pomegranate crops.


JIVA’s Animal Health Camps have benefited 83% of JIVA families, and generated approximately $21,176 in increased income by protecting against diseases that reduce milk production.


Savings earned by JIVA families from raising household nutrition gardens (2014 – 2016).

Note: all monetary amounts are given in US dollars purchasing power parity (PPP)

Pomegranates: A Case Study of Innovation and Resilience

JIVA’s introduction of pomegranate into the region illustrates the team’s innovative spirit and perseverance. As JIVA proceeded with improving cotton, maize, sorghum, and wheat yields, they also tested climate appropriate crop diversification options that would enhance farmer incomes and resilience.

The JIVA Effect

Income increase in the JIVA villages from the four primary crops (2014-2016)

Note: all monetary amounts are given in US dollars purchasing power parity (PPP)


JIVA Spotlights

Stories from individuals in the field about JIVA's agricultural approach


Chanda Kumawat

JIVA Farmer

Kishan Aheer

JIVA Farmer
Purshottam_Agriculture Lead_square

Purshottam Jangid

Agriculture Specialist since 2013