Global Engagement Forum Live (#GEFlive): Skills Gap

The Skills Mismatch Publication

This publication examines how the youth skills gap is a truly solvable problem. The private sector possesses an inherent understanding of the skill sets in demand and has the ability to support curriculum and appropriate skills development. Strategic partnerships between private sector employers, vocational trainers, and public sector education systems can lead the way to prosperity and purpose for tomorrow’s workforce.

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Twitter LogoTWEET ME: I am tweeting with @SAP4Good @MakingCentsIntl @foundation_DO @DowCorps Oct 4, 11AM ET for the #SkillsGap Twitter Chat @PYXERAglobal #GEFlive

Twitter LogoTWEET ME: I am excited for the @PYXERAglobal #GEFlive #SkillsGap Twitter Chat, October 4th at 11AM ET learn more

Moderated by @PYXERAglobal, this #GEFlive chat will feature:

@SAP4Good a leading corporation for whom youth employability is a priority
@MakingCentsIntl – an international social enterprise improving lives of youth
@DowCorps – Dow is a leading US corporation encouraging and executing more robust science, technology, education, and math programs.
@foundation_DO – The DreamOval Foundation manages all corporate social responsibility initiatives by DreamOval Ltd in Ghana. Its aim is to bridge the knowledge gap through the creation, sharing, and utilization of knowledge with Education and Technology being the key focus areas.

This event is the first in a series of virtual events around PYXERA Global’s identified solvable problems. To learn more about upcoming events and happenings RSVP here.

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