Solvable Problems: What Happens After the Global Engagement Forum: Live?  

Join us for an all-star fall line-up

By Morgan Singer and Katie Levey

“Collaboration takes the head of a sage, the heart of a visionary, and the feet of an explorer,” said PYXERA Global CEO, Deirdre White at the Global Engagement Forum: Live last April. The event convened subject-matter experts, leaders from the public, private, and social sectors, and professionals from the field to address three solvable problems within the United Nations’ Global Goals—the youth skills gap, post-harvest food loss, and treatable and preventable non-communicable diseases. As they continue to advance solutions to the solvable problems, the Forum participants are truly champions of change (read more about the Forum in the Huffington Post here).

Collaboration takes the head of a sage, the heart of a visionary, and the feet of an explorer

Inspiring all of us, Forum participants have shared the learnings from the Forum within their organizations and identified avenues for further collaboration. Several participants have worked hard to align messages across organizations and identify resources they can contribute. This fall we are coming back together to reinvigorate momentum on solvable problems. Here are a few examples.

What’s Happened Since the Forum?

Collaborative Action Forum Idea: Replicable Education Summit in Ghana:
For SAP, digital literacy among young people is a critical issue. To include a representative voice from the field, they sponsored Francis Ahene-Affoh, Lead for Business Development & Marketing from DreamOval, to attend and contribute to the Forum. Inspired by the collaborative action idea that came out of his working group, Ahene-Affoh is organizing a summit on youth skills development in Ghana, modeled after the Forum. The objective is to create tangible recommendations for Ghana’s Ministry of Education to close the skills gap. Uniquely positioned to bring together the corporate sector, policymakers, and educators, DreamOval Foundation has already engaged IBM, Kosmos Energy, and PYXERA Global for this fall event, along with SAP, a lead sponsor for the event.

Collaborative Action Forum Idea: #EmpowerSita: One collaborative idea that the Forum generated revolved around Sita, an archetypical young woman in rural India with Type II diabetes. This is a social business model designed to empower Type II diabetes patients to work as local community entrepreneurs, while taking control of their health and financial independence. The model provides individuals like Sita with the tools to educate others with Type II diabetes about the disease and to distribute healthier food options. The idea inspired a connection between two healthcare organizations, PSI, a global health-focused nonprofit, and GSK, a pharmaceutical company, as well as the technology firm IBM—organizations that were part of the working group that ideated this concept.

Collaborative Conversations: Piloting Cold Storage Solutions for Post-Harvest Loss: From the track on reducing post-harvest food loss, an agro-industrial company has initiated talks with The Rockefeller Foundation’s YieldWise initiative in Nigeria to explore the possibility of piloting cold storage solutions in return for data tracking.

Collaborative Action Workshop: In May, The Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York City held a collaborative action workshop on post-harvest loss that dug deeper into the issue. A new group of stakeholders including Griffith Foods, Tyson Foods, PolicyLink, Walmart, The Rockefeller Foundation, Save the Children, ACDI/VOCA, and others engaged in an interactive dialogue designed to open up new thinking on issues including creating a common language between the public, private, and social sectors, and encouraging farmer adoption of new technologies.

Were you inspired to take a specific action following the Forum, one that you haven’t seen here? We want to hear about it. Send us a quick update to [email protected].

What’s Happening Next?

Advancing Collaborative Action: Fall Publication Series
Be on the lookout for four outstanding publications on what happened at the Forum and what comes next. These easily digestible publications authored in collaboration with esteemed institutions known for their work in social change, the youth skills gap, post-harvest loss, and non-communicable diseases will give you tools and a new view on how to advance collaborative action.

Virtual Event Series: Join Us

Join us as we host a series of virtual events featuring publication authors and Forum participants on where they are in advancing collaborative action for the three solvable problems. Take advantage of the opportunity to reconnect with fellow collaborators on ideas that came out of the Forum, the challenges individuals are facing, and new solutions. The virtual event series will kick off this September with a Twitter Chat on the skills gap, followed by post-harvest loss in October, and then non-communicable diseases to follow soon after. Sign up here to stay up to date on these events; follow the chat on Twitter at #GEFlive.


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Collaborative Convenings

  • Forum sponsor Making Cents International is hosting an interactive gathering in collaboration with PYXERA Global on demand signaling and the future of work, building on concepts from the April gathering.
  • The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) is working with PYXERA Global to draw from the Forum format to host a one-day interactive workshop in Des Moines, Iowa in advance of the World Food Prize this October. The event centers on issues central to post-harvest loss – food processing, production, and distribution in emerging and frontier markets. CCA will publish findings from the event in conjunction with PYXERA Global with recommendations to CCA members and the US government on how to more effectively engage companies in mutually beneficial solutions in emerging and frontier markets.

Solvable Problems and You: Join Us This Fall

As Forum participant Chris Jarvis, co-founder and CEO of Realized Worth, the global consulting firm specializing in employee volunteerism, pointed out in his blog post about the Forum, “If we are going to address these issues, we need to connect them to the intrinsically motivated value systems and frames of reference that already take priority in peoples hearts and minds.” This fall, we continue to nurture the seeds of inspiration that were planted at the Forum and invite other collaborators into the fold. Join us for the initial harvest of solutions to these solvable problems.

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Katie Levey, Co-Author
Katie is Director of Media Relations at PYXERA Global. She designs communications and press strategies to empower nonprofits and corporations that are impacting positive social change through their programming and their business. In addition, Katie led the design and implementation of PYXERA Global’ Story Sharing package. This empowers companies and individuals to share their stories of leadership, volunteerism, and change through multi-media.

Before PYXERA Global, Katie founded the nonprofit communications consultancy, Wake Up for Good, where she worked with organizations including American Diabetes Association, Smithsonian Institution, Catchafire, and Prior to that, Katie managed business development at Carat, one of the country’s top ten media and advertising agencies. There, she worked closely with a team of communications mavericks to develop strategies that led to new accounts including The Home Depot, Disney, Nokia, and Nivea.

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