Cate is the founder of &co, a partnership and collaboration consultancy committed to helping multi-sectoral partnerships thrive.

Over the past 21 years, Cate has brought passion and commitment to making change happen, be that in Europe, Asia, Africa, or her current base in the USA. With an innate curiosity about people and their cultures, alongside a desire to understand more, she has successfully led multi-disciplinary and multi-national teams. She brings together knowledge of both the private and the public sectors to help all work as true partners in creating sustained social impact and financial success.

As the Director of Corporate Partnerships & Philanthropy at PSI in Washington, DC., she led the development of corporate philanthropic, CSR, and shared value partnerships, integrating the worlds of both purpose and profit to deliver win-win opportunities. During Cate's tenure at PSI, corporate partnerships quadrupled in number and revenue from partnerships grew 600%. She emphasized the value of partnerships to provide not only investment into impact at a country level but also impact through knowledge sharing and individual capacity development through pro-engagement fellowships and joint thought leadership.

Prior to her time at PSI's HQ, Cate was the Technical Services Director at PSI/Botswana where she led the platform's marketing, communications and research programs across a multitude of HIV/AIDS interventions. Here she built a series of partnerships across sectors from defense to health to communications, including the production of the first Botswana made edutainment TV series "Morwalela"  which focused on the lives of Batswana living with HIV, and the development of a camouflage condom, in partnership with the Botswana Defense Force.

Previously to that she spent 16 years working in Europe and Asia in advertising and communications. Her final role was the Director of J Walter Thompson's North East Asia team based in Shanghai, working to expand market share for companies such as Unilever, J&J, Kellogg’s and Ford in this dynamic region.

She is a member of the Devex Strategic Advisory Council  working across sectors to encourage stronger partnership practices and was a founding member of the INGO collective within FSG's Shared Value Initiative. She has spoken on the role, development and management of partnerships at USAID, FSG, DEVEX, SOCAP, UN Compact and PXYERA Global events across the United States and in Europe.

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