Donna Torsu is a Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor at PYXERA Global in Ghana, where she provides support to economic and integrated community development projects.

Prior to joining PYXERA Global, she worked with UNESCO in Accra, Ghana, where her activities spanned across a number of areas including social science research capacity development; climate change and migration; youth civic engagement; and education. Donna has professional and volunteer experience in international development with a focus on gender, socio-economic development, and conflict resolution. In her volunteering experience, Donna worked on an assignment for UNFPA by developing a fact sheet on engaging men and boys to prevent gender-based violence. Her fact sheet served as a reference, contributing to the development of a guide for training of humanitarian actors. Throughout her education, work and volunteer experience, Donna has been passionate about international development focusing on Africa. She has a Masters degree in International Affairs and is also fluent in French.

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