Jerri Husch holds a PhD in Sociology and is a specialist in complex social systems, socio-cultural analysis and qualitative social science methods. She is co-developer of “Action Intelligence” a sociological method that offers practical ways to design solutions to complex social challenges.

Dr. Husch has worked in WHO, UNDP, UNICEF and the UN Secretariat on projects related to UN inter-agency global food standards setting and Codex Alimentarious; links between UNHQ, Regional and country offices in poverty reduction; strengthening partnerships between WHO programs and countries in HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, and monitoring the links between ministries involved climate change adaptation efforts.

As well as a focus on management, strategy and policy, Jerri teaches research methods, social theory, public health and global food policy. As a trained chef and “urban agriculturalist”, she loves to explore markets, collect seeds and invent new recipes for adventurous food loving friends.

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