Ranked among the "top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years in Africa" by Forbes Magazine in 2013, Eric is a young entrepreneur who founded Stawi Foods and Fruits, a food processing company that processes bananas to make gluten-free banana flour. To create sustainable growth, banana farmers in Meru, one of the largest banana producing regions in Kenya, needed buyers willing to purchase their produce at fair prices. It had been the same cycle over and over. Farmers would invest heavily in banana farming, only to end up disappointed by a surplus due to market gluts or poor compensation by middlemen. The business model allows small-holder farmers to earn more for their produce than they would in the local markets. The company strives to reconnect society, and provide genuine benefit to surrounding communities. The company also produces fortified flours for children and adults along with a range of Resistant Starch Flours with applications in baking and pizza dough production.

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