Faith is a Zambian Youth Activist and member of the MasterCard Foundation’s African Youth Think Tank IV 2016/17, a project implemented by Restless Development Uganda. She leads research on innovations in technology and how they affect young farmers at different stages along the agricultural value chain. The research thus far has exposed her to different cultures and has opened up many learning opportunities. From her fascinating presentation in New York at the Ideathon, she was nominated as founding member of Project Forward, an innovative, self-sustaining ecosystem that allows nonprofits to indirectly incentivize volunteers. By facilitating incentives for volunteerism, the initiative envisions increased volunteerism rates, thus magnifying non-profits’ ability to achieve their missions.

In addition to all this, Faith is very passionate about Sexual Reproductive Health. Because of this passion, she co-founded COPPER ROSE, a youth-led organization in Zambia that is committed to educating adolescents and young people about their bodies, sexual rights, and menstrual hygiene by providing access to quality and affordable sexual and reproductive health information and services. She travels to remote areas of Zambia, facilitating workshops for girls in underprivileged communities. So far she has reached out to 10,000+ girls by teaching them about puberty and menstrual hygiene practices. Her goal is to increase the scope of her work from five to 50 districts by 2019 and the whole of Zambia by 2026. Faith just finished her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration at The Copperbelt University and in the next five years intends to build an industry for both disposable and washable sanitary napkins, which will provide jobs for thousands of young people in Zambia.

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