Federico Waisbaum has a degree in institutional organization and management from Universidad Maimónides in Buenos Aires. Among his areas of expertise, he is a computer technician and has worked for many years in the field of the non-formal education. In 2007, Federico helped to found the Puerta 18 program, an initiative dedicated to supporting underserved youth. He currently serves as its executive director. Since its establishment, Puerta 18 has worked with more than 4,400 participants from ages 13-24 to identify their vocation and empower them using various technologies. The organization’s goals include strengthening educational opportunities, reducing the digital divide that can disadvantage youth, providing tools to improve employment prospects, and stimulating civic participation.

Federico Waisbaum es Licenciado en dirección y organización institucional, técnico en computación y se desempeña hace años en el campo de la educación no formal. En 2007 participó de la gesta del programa Puerta 18 del cual hoy es su director y que nace para ayudar a que jóvenes de entre 13 y 24 años descubran y potencien sus vocaciones por medio del uso de variadas herramientas tecnológicas.

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