George is passionate about optimizing trade between businesses in Africa. Through his work, George is developing a solution that reduces waste of agricultural products through building market and financial access infrastructure for micro, small and medium enterprises.

He founded Patasente, an online supply chain platform that enables businesses to undertake electronic procurement, settle payments and secure financing. The platform currently has 1600 micro, small and medium businesses, most of them being in the dairy and grain value chains. It has generated orders worth $ 3.2m and factored invoices worth $ 0.58m. Prior to this, George co-founded companies like Unreasonable EastAfrica, Angels Initiatives – all business development companies investing in start-ups building impactful solutions in Uganda and on the African continent.

George was competitively selected as a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow of the U.S. Government’s Young African Leaders Initiative, and a YALI grant winner, part of the U.S. African Development Foundation’s agriculture portfolio.

He believes trade driven enterprise growth, whether micro or large in key sectors like agriculture, will serve as the bedrock for spiraling Africa’s prosperity.

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