With eight years of experience in some of the top communication agencies in Europe and in New Zealand, Helene is a hands-on project manager with a strategic head and a creative approach to challenges. In London, Helene worked at Forster, an independent consultancy whose founder’s vision is to ‘inspire and empower people at every level to change their world for the better’. At Forster, Helene managed campaigns and community engagement programmes across a wide range of issues such as health, sustainability and social justice.
Helene moved to New Zealand six years ago and first worked at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington before moving to Clemenger BBDO where she was servicing a portfolio of government agency clients such as the NZTA, Inland Revenue, the Ministry for Primary Industries and Civil Defence.
Helene joined Akina in January 2014 to co-design and co-deliver the Launchpad – Akina’s first accelerator programme. After a few months on parental leave, Helene came back as the Project Director for Social Enterprise World Forum 2017 that is taking place in Christchurch on September 27-29.

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