Jailan Adly was the Director of MBAs Without Borders at PYXERA Global where she was responsible for the overall design and implementation of the program. In addition, she managed various International Corporate Volunteer programs for clients such as IBM, FedEx, John Deere, Medtronic, and Novartis in Morocco, Tanzania, South Africa, Tunisia, and India. Jailan also served as PYXERA Global's lead tourism expert on various projects.

Prior to joining PYXERA Global, Jailan was the Deputy Director of Rising Sun Energy Center a workforce development non-profit in California and had extensive experience creating, facilitating, and managing workforce and leadership training programs. Jailan  worked on sustainable tourism projects in Jamaica, Lebanon, Egypt, and Morocco through her work with Solimar International, Environmental Quality International, and the George Washington University respectively. Jailan received a Masters degree in Tourism Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from The George Washington University.

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