Laura is responsible for the development of scalable online digital learning platforms, collaborative learning products, as well as both print and online learning content for an international audience of teachers, eMentors, and K-12 learners. She and her team at Cricket share a curiosity about learners, a passion for global education equity, and a determination to empower students through social learning that breaks geographical and economical barriers.

Laura has a strong background in education, curriculum development, and learning technology, having previously served a decade in schools as a National Board Certified teacher as well as a certified reading specialist and curriculum developer in Maryland’s Montgomery County School District.  She is the published author of Playful Writing, and holds a MS in Education from Johns Hopkins University.

About the Mission of CricketTogether and TryEngineering Together - We believe education and mentoring offer long-term benefits that can improve the lives of young people, their communities, and society at large. To address the huge challenge of poverty, we need a scalable solution, one that broadens and raises students’ aspirations for their lives. We want to boost grade 3–8 students’ intrinsic motivation to focus on school and put effort into developing the skills necessary for college and career success. Finally, for sponsors, we want to provide a way to connect deeply with the communities in which they exist.

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