Marina Isaacson is a Program Coordinator for the Global Pro Bono department at PYXERA Global, where she is currently responsible for supporting the management and implementation of a variety of corporate social responsibility engagement programs for the private sector.

Prior to joining PYXERA Global, Marina spent four years at the international human development NGO FHI 360. While there she worked on a flagship U.S. Department of State international professional exchange program aimed at building public diplomacy, promoting mutual respect, and advancing American foreign policy goals (IVLP). Previously, Marina served as an assistant with the External and Corporate Relations unit at the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation. She started her career with a range of internships related to public affairs, women’s social, economic, and political empowerment, and the U.S. Congress.

Marina graduated from the University of Rochester where she received a BA in International Relations and studied abroad in the Czech Republic.

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