Noel Rubio was a Program Coordinator at PYXERA Global, where he provided program and financial management, reporting, and strategy support across the Enterprise and Community Development Department’s portfolio. He also assisted with business development, social media, and cross-departmental collaboration efforts.

Prior to joining PYXERA Global, Noel conducted policy research for a health care trade association in Washington, DC. He has experience in grant management and public health services research through his work with campaigns and public-, private-, and multinational-sector organizations, including an internship with the World Health Organization. Noel hails from the Philippines and Guam and spent a summer with agrarian communities in Luzon’s highlands, mapping local coffee farming value chains and identifying market linkages leading to sustainable earned income opportunities—and gaining an appreciation for tri-sector partnerships and shared value solutions that drive and sustain systems change through trust and community ownership in the process. He holds a BA in public policy studies with a specialization in health and development from the University of Chicago.

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