María Victoria [Badía/Alonso] is from Mexico and has been married for 38 years. She has three wonderful children: Juan, a financier, Priscila, a pediatrician, and Natalia, an architect. She also has two beautiful granddaughters.

Victoria has lived in Mexico City for most of her life. She became involved in volunteer work when her children were in elementary school—this is how she began traveling with groups of students to do community work in rural areas in Mexico twenty years ago. She quickly realized the enormous needs her community faced.

In 2002, Nutre a un Niño was founded by a group of women eager to make a difference by promoting a healthy start for Mexican children. Since that time, the institution has focused on improving nutrition, education and empowerment, and health among children in rural Mexican communities. She combines family and home life with activities and commitments towards NUTRE, as she and her colleagues fondly refer to the organization. She strongly believes that working to fulfill the purpose of NUTRE is a valuable opportunity for her to give back just a little of what she has received in her lifetime.

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