Virendar Khatana is the Project Director of the Joint Initiative for Village Advancement (JIVA)  program at PYXERA Global. He is a Social Scientist with more than 20 years’ experience in sustainable agriculture, rural livelihoods, food security, natural resource management, forestry, watersheds, climate change, participatory community development, education, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), socio-economic research, impact assessments,  monitoring and evaluation.

Prior to JIVA, Virendar worked in partnership with various stakeholders such as international organizations, Government organizations, NGOs and CBOs and the private sector in multidisciplinary and multi-cultural teams. He has done short-term assignments for various donors including DFID, EC, UNDP, World Bank, HIV/AIDS Alliance, Save the Children-Finland, CARE, Rockefeller Foundation and various government of India Departments and organizations including the Planning Commission.


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