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Alex Smith-O’Connor

Senior Client and Program Advisor

Alex Smith-O’Connor is a Senior Client and Program Advisor at Pyxera Global, where she works with corporate clients in the design, execution, and amplification of programs. Over the past few years, Alex has managed Global Pro Bono projects in emerging markets for companies such as JPMorgan Chase, SAP, Dow Chemical, and Moody’s. She is passionate about environmental sustainability and leads the organization’s environmental working group.

Prior to joining Pyxera Global, Alex worked in operations for a global tech/finance firm, where she increased team collaboration and efficiency through process improvements and systems change. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zambia, Alex focused on women’s empowerment and strengthening community engagement by building sustainable cross-sector partnerships with local counterparts.

Alex holds a master’s in International Affairs from the New School, with a focus on the intersectionality of conflict & security and private sector sustainability.