Tri-Sector Partnership Workshop

Reinventing How Public, Private, and Social Sector Organizations Engage to Address Global Challenges

At PYXERA Global, we are dedicated to cross-sector collaborative action to solve complex problems. With over a quarter century of experience in more than 90 countries, we’ve discovered that tri-sector partnership is the only path to sustainable and scalable social impact. 

But what is true partnership? How do you find the right partners? How do you and your sometimes very different partners agree on goals that aren’t mutually exclusive? At PYXERA Global, we have tackled these questions over the past two-plus decades. We now seek to smooth pathways to partnership, sharing what we have learned in hopes that others may avoid the many challenges we endured over the years as we stepped into what was very new and uncomfortable space.

This is why we created the Tri-Sector Partnership Workshop, which takes participants through some of the fundamental concepts underpinning quality partnerships. Participants of PYXERA Global’s Tri-Sector Partnership Workshop leave with tools and templates in-hand, and with the insight and inspiration to forge strong collaborations with partners at other organizations that have different operating cultures and motivations. There’s never been a more critical time to be involved in tri-sector collaboration: our collective ability to solve the pressing challenges facing the world today depends on it.

"It takes courage to forge a true partnership. It takes compromise. It takes respect for one another’s goals, experiences, knowledge, processes, and approaches. It takes courage, if you are a donor institution or an NGO, to accept that your private sector partner has a goal, even an obligation, to drive business value—that is, to ultimately profit from this work. And that is a valid goal, and should be embraced as part of the partnership."

Deirdre White

Core Workshop Components


What does it mean to connect with individuals on the person-to-person level?


How do you ask the right questions to know what you don’t know?


Why is it important to acknowledge the pre-conceived notions we bring to the table?


Which practical tools for collaboration can you use to facilitate each new partnership?

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Charting a Course to Effective and Sustainable Cross-Sector Engagements

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Over the past 25 years PYXERA Global has implemented programs benefitting over 100 governmental institutions.

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