Amanda MacArthur

Chief Program Officer

Welcome to the PYXERA Global Engagement Forum: Online!

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the PYXERA Global Engagement Forum: Online, a new platform for stories, publications, resources, and events championing purposeful global engagement.

We’ve proven over the last 26 years that bringing diverse parties together to address key challenges works. Today, we aim to convene the type of engagement that attracts diverse players from across sectors to address the complex global issues outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This Forum provides a multidimensional space to share and discuss these approaches—through dynamic online content and stories, informational resources, print publications, and live events.

Many of you were dedicated readers of the New Global Citizen and we thank you for your support, feedback, and loyalty to that publication over the past four years. We are excited to continue providing you with stories of leadership, innovation, and impact around the globe and we assure you that all your favorite New Global Citizen pieces remain available on this new platform. We invite you to check out and share some of our readers’ favorites below.

Truly effective tri-sector collaborations are hard work and we hope to provide a common space to make that a little easier. Thank you for joining us as readers and contributors in elevating the ways in which individuals, corporations, and social enterprises champion a better future for our world.


Amanda MacArthur

Chief Program Officer, PYXERA Global

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