The Wonders of Zambia – Adventures of an MBAs Without Borders Advisor

Khadija Jiwani is an MBAs Without Borders Advisor currently working with Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) in Zambia to work on the launch of PumpAway, a business solution to sanitation management. With her MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, Khadija seeks to aid in the development of socially sustainable business models that lead to sustainable and scalable solutions to issues facing communities across the world. Here she shares photos from her first month on assignment in Zambia. 

Although it has only been a month, Lusaka, and Zambia as a whole, has surpassed all of my expectations. From the food—to the people—to the stunning landscapes and the wild life, this country is full of wonders.


The Smoke that Thunders

Zambia is most notably known for the undeniably majestic Victoria Falls.


But no picture can do the falls justice.  The only way to truly appreciate the splendor of one of the 7 Wonders of the World is to experience it for yourself.

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The Zambezi

The Zambezi River home the worlds best white water rafting


and perfectly secluded islands hidden in its midst.


Livingstone Sunsets

After a day of exploring Victoria Falls and the Zambezi, we took a break to enjoy the sunset while being surrounded by grazing zebras and the bellowing grunts of hippos off in the distance. As the sun went down over the river, the rainbow of colors was soon replaced by a countless number of stars lighting up the night sky (with just as many mosquitoes to match).


A Weekend in Lusaka

Strolling down Lusaka’s quiet streets


and visiting one of Lusaka’s weekend markets to stock up on produce or local artifacts.



Spending time in one of Lusaka’s many malls, which seems to be a popular pass time for all. What ever you are looking for, Lusaka’s malls have your answer.


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