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World Food Day: Combining Innovation and Resourcefulness to Solve the Food Crisis

World Food Day is observed each year on October 16th to commemorate the 1945 founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and, more importantly, to raise awareness of the issues of food security and hunger. Our planet currently produces enough food to feed the entire global population, however, inequitable distribution, market failures, and wastefulness have impeded access to food for up to 1.2 billion people every year.

The FAO’s message in 2016 is “Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.” It’s clear that adapting to a changing climate and a growing population is absolutely critical. Yet, while the food security debate focuses on how to boost productivity using fewer resources on the same area of land, at PYXERA Global we are studying the food supply chain to identify where interventions must occur to recover post-harvest food losses. We consider this to be an equally important strategy for solving this global challenge, with far-reaching benefits for environmental and social welfare.

What we’ve learned is that post-harvest loss is not only a solvable problem, but one that represents a tremendous opportunity for the private, public, and social sectors to collaborate to achieve compatible goals through meaningful partnerships. For this reason, we’ve recently launched the website to provide a common space to share perspectives and explore ideas. It is possible to eradicate hunger in our lifetimes, and a coordinated global approach is our best chance.

To learn more about our post-harvest loss reduction efforts, please read from a selection of our favorite articles written on the subject below. Lastly, we also invite you to register for our upcoming Global Engagement Forum: Live on April 4-5, 2017. The theme for this conference is “Solving the Solvable.”

Our #WFD2016 Favorites

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