We work to build community resilience through partnerships worldwide.

We address global challenges at a local level by enabling stronger collaboration between the public, private, and social sectors.

The Strategy We Rely On

Build Community Resilience

We work side-by-side as community partners, sharing the same resources, goals, and vision.

Transform Private Sector Leadership

Our corporate partners discover the value of addressing global challenges and embracing the communities they serve and rely on.

Assemble Tri-Sector Partnerships

Through collaborations with the private, public, and social sectors, communities get the proper support and skills to take control of their futures.

Our Theory of Change informs how tri-sector partnerships and deep organizational involvement can change the world. This premise is core to everything we do, and we’re working on how to share it with you.

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Insights, News & Events

It's Peace Corps Week, and this year Pyxera Global is joining the celebration of the agency's 60+ year purpose of promoting world peace and friendship through volunteering, intercultural exchange, and grassroots community development. …
As Black History Month progresses, we take the opportunity to recognize and honor the contribution of Black Americans to building the culture and economy of the United States. Our work as a nonprofit organization focuses on …
Pyxera Global is excited to announce the appointment of Rajesh Varghese as its new Country Director for India. Rajesh has work experience across India, Singapore, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Varghese has worked …

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