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A speaker addresses a group of businesspeople

Rhetoric to Action

A series of conversations for business leaders to engage on issues of racial equity and social justice.

Structural racism and social injustice are antithetical to our mission and vision of a more just world. With all of our work at Pyxera Global, we harness the power of tri-sector partnerships toward realizing that vision. Through the Rhetoric to Action series, we aim to amplify voices from the private, social, and public sectors to assist organizations in understanding their role in dismantling structural racism and ending injustices. In short, we help groups shift from talking to taking measurable, meaningful actions.

For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it.

Amanda Gorman

Webinar Series

The Rhetoric to Action webinar series brings together leaders from across sectors to have candid, and sometimes difficult, conversations. These conversations provide information and resources to help leaders take meaningful actions toward dismantling structural racism and ending social injustices. Many corporations have issued statements promising to move the needle on racial justice—we want to help them to deliver on those commitments.

Rhetoric to Action: Disrupting Beliefs & Changing Systems to Transform International Development. 

Fadzi Whande, from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and Indira Ahluwalia, Founder and President, KAUR Strategies, LLC, joined Renay Loper in a candid conversation. The trio explored the roots and current economic and political benefits of international development, what it means to disrupt beliefs to change systems, as well as how to recognize racism in international development while taking take steps toward change as an active actor.

Commitments in Action: Delivering on Statements Toward Achieving Racial Justice. 

In this forthright conversation, 3M’s Garfield Bowen, Director of Social Justice Strategy & Initiatives; Scott Morris, Strategist for Diversity & Inclusion; Dr. Robin Coger, Dean of the College of Engineering; and Dr. Kevin James, Dean of the College of Business and Economics from North Carolina A&T State University joined Renay Loper to discuss how 3M is bringing its racial and social justice commitments to life through partnerships, and how HBCUs are an integral part of their journey.

Global Perspectives Part I: Building Inclusive Approaches to Racial Equity and Social Justice Beyond the United States.

In the first of a two-part webinar, Dr. Ambily Banerjee, Director, GSK; Rebecca Stevens, Head, Global Health Partnerships, Novartis; and Bruno Honorio, Researcher and Content Analyst, Social Listening, QuintoAndar joined Renay Loper to explore how other countries learn from the United States and what multinational corporations can do to scale their efforts, impacting marginalized communities on a global scale.

Global Perspectives Part II: Building Inclusive Approaches to Racial Equity and Social Justice Beyond the United States.

In the second part of the webinar, Dr. Ambily Banerjee, Rebecca Stevens, and Bruno Honorio joined Ms. Loper once again to explore what social injustices have occurred in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Brazil since the first conversation, what governments should consider by way of policy, as well as what individuals can do to affect change.

Rhetoric to Action: How Corporations Can Dismantle Structural Racism. 

Marcus Allen, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region, joined Renay Loper, Pyxera Global’s Vice President of Program Innovation for a frank conversation, from a trusted community leader’s perspective, about what companies should know and do toward dismantling structural racism.

Join Our Rhetoric to Action Initiative

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