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The Reimagine Series

In the wake of COVID-19, we hear about new symptoms of our fracturing systems daily. Despite the challenges, there are awe-inspiring opportunities to chart a new course.  

We are a society in transition, but we have the opportunity to change the trajectory—in the direction of the future that we want. COVID-19 fractured the status quo and ignited a flurry of niche-level activity containing the seeds of a paradigm shift toward a better, more equitable, future. 

The question before us is how can we move together towards a sustainable vision. 

It will take all of us working together towards a common goal—business, government, and civil society.  

How It Works

Pyxera Global is designing a series of Challenges in collaboration with our Anchor Partners.

These partners are organizations in the social or public sectors whose missions have significant opportunity to impact social, economic, or environmental systems across the country—or throughout the world.  

For one month, cross-corporate teams of employees compete to bring the most innovative solution to an Anchor Partner. Employees from participating companies collaborate virtually to apply their business acumen to a systemic issue facing this partner. To recap:

  1. Pose Complex Challenge: Anchor Partner poses a complex challenge or systemic issue. 
  2. Ideate Solutions: Teams of employees collaborate to develop an innovative solution.
  3. Select Winning Idea: A panel of distinguished judges selects the winning idea.
  4. Execute the Solution: The Anchor Partner receives the plan and seed funding to accelerate the solution. 

Join us to contribute to scalable solutions and develop a framework for the future.