Global Pro Bono

Through Global Pro Bono programs, employees provide professional services to social-mission driven clients in communities in which the employees do not live or work on a regular basis. Projects are intended to provide economic and social benefit to the local organization and community while building leadership competencies, creating market insights, and spurring innovative thinking for the participating employee.

Why Global Pro Bono?

Global Perspective

Global Pro Bono participants step outside of their professional and personal comfort zones, quickly adapting to their environment while performing at a high level.


Participants develop global leadership competencies, enhancing their ability to manage diverse teams, communicate across cultures, and operate in challenging environments.

Market Entry

Global Pro Bono programs offer companies an opportunity to further develop relationships, insights, reputation, and visibility with key stakeholders in growth markets.


Embedded in the community, employees gain insight into the challenges and opportunities of the local market, enabling them to develop products and services to address those challenges.

CSR & Social Impact

Global Pro Bono enables corporations to invest in talent, build brand relations, and cultivate skills locally to enrich lives and business, while contributing to existing CSR goals.

State of the Practice

With survey data dating back to 2008, this year’s report draws on survey data from 26 companies, 63 percent of which belong to Fortune’s Global 500. The report provides a snapshot of the current state of Global Pro Bono and a look at top trends to guide companies seeking to initiate or expand their programming.

Global Pro Bono Programs Deliver a Triple Benefit

Employee Impact

Employees develop critical global leadership competencies that enhance their ability to manage diverse teams, communicate across cultures, and work in new environments.

Business Impact

Companies with global pro bono programs benefit through new market and product insights, increased employee engagement, and improved brand reputation.

Community Impact

Local host organizations benefit from the skills and services provided by the corporate volunteers, enabling them to better serve their communities.

Measuring the Employee Impact

Moving todays workforce where it needs to be tomorrow


92% of global pro bono participants feel more culturally aware as a result of their experience.


88% of participants indicate an improved ability to listen for client needs.


78% of managers of global pro bono participants found employees to exhibit improved attitude and motivation.


90% of global pro bono participants feel they have a better understanding of business' role in society.

Measuring the Business Impact

Improving employee engagement, leadership, and retention


41% of participants say they are more likely to stay at the company as a result of their experience.


73 percent of managers of global pro bono participants indicated that employees had developed leadership skills as a result of their experience.


78% of managers of global pro bono participants found employees to exhibit improved attitude and motivation.

Measuring the Local Impact

Global pro bono: the on-ramp to sustainable development


94% of local host organizations reported being highly satisfied with their global pro bono experience.


72% of local host organizations reported a positively changed perception of their corporate partner.

"The team brought expertise, resources and a global perspective to the table that we otherwise would have been hard pressed to find. In a little under 4 weeks, the team produced a tool that we've been wanting to build for years."

- John Deere Inspiring Leadership Local Client

Global Pro Bono Service Offerings

Through an iterative and interactive process, we guide our corporate partners in developing global pro bono programs uniquely tailored to meet their needs. Our service offerings include:

1. Program Design

We work alongside our corporate partners to identify the optimal program duration, participant profile and selection process, project scope, target geographies, and key impact indicators to design robust program that meets its intended objectives and that can be scaled in future years.

6. On-Site Support

When the team arrives, our unique program management style ensures success from the start. By pairing local expertise with our global team management approach, we ensure participants are supported throughout their global pro bono experience. Each team is supported by a dedicated program manager and logistics coordinator based in our home office in Washington, DC along with a local advisor who is assigned to the team for the duration of their time on assignment. The PYXERA Global team acts as business and cultural resources to the pro bono participants, ensuring they have the best possible experience both in their work assignment and by integrating into the local community.

2. Host Client Identification

Identifying the right host client organizations, and developing realistic scopes of work is a special expertise of PYXERA Global. Based on a profile developed during the program design phase we identify potential host clients and work with them to develop projects that will meet specific operational or programmatic needs and which are appropriate to the expertise available from our corporate partners. Over the course of several weeks and through in-person and virtual meetings, we ensure that those needs can be realistically met, within the available time and resources.

7. Story Sharing

Many clients are increasingly eager to amplify the impact of their innovative approaches in the geographies where teams and individuals are placed. PYXERA Global provides a growing number of diverse solutions that can assist your organization in better telling stories of impact through global pro bono.

3. Participant Selection

Selecting program participants can be one of the most challenging components of developing a new global pro bono program. Programs can be targeted at high performers, specific business units or the entire workforce. We will work alongside your team to develop the criteria that best meet your program objectives. Once standards have been established, we coordinate the process, from application though to participant selection and team composition, ensuring that each team is diverse and appropriately staffed to meet the needs of the host client projects and to provide participants with the opportunity to work closely with colleagues from different geographies and business units.

8. Impact Assessment

Measuring the impact of Global Pro Bono programs – both quantitatively and qualitatively – is critical to ensuring program success and sustainability. Through a suite of services and utilizing dynamic assessment tools tailored to each individual project, PYXERA Global is able to determine the impact of global pro bono programs on participant, host organizations and even the business.

4. International Logistics

Many of our partners choose to conduct their programs outside of their standard corporate travel policies. PYXERA Global is able to coordinate every aspect of international travel, arranging flights, facilitating visas and distributing per diems and other expenses. PYXERA Global facilitates accommodations in the project location and arranges ground transportation and other support as needed.

9. Benchmarking

PYXERA Global offers benchmarking through its Common Performance Indicator (CPI) project, which is an initiative implemented with Global Pro Bono LEAD. Through this shared framework to measure and benchmark GPB program impact on host clients, communities, participants and the companies themselves, PYXERA Global delivers a scorecard report to each participating company showing its standing on 13 CPI data points against the CPI project average scores. Check out our CPI summary infographic to learn more and contact [email protected] for details on how to join the project.

5. Preparation and Reflection

Once participants have been selected, pre-departure orientation and training sets the stage for a successful engagement from the moment they land in their assignment location. During this pre-work phase, we will develop tailored trainings that can include cultural adaptability, frugal innovation, effective social marketing and communication, appreciative inquiry consulting, team building, and global leadership, along with essentials such as safety and security. Pre-departure training can be conducted virtually over several weeks, or during an intensive in-person retreat. Once the pro bono consultants arrive at their project location an additional session is conducted to orient them to their location.. Diligent preparation ensures that corporate participants maximize their impact and meet client goals during the time they spend embedded within their host client. At the conclusion of their assignment we conduct a reflection workshop to gather initial impressions and to encourage participants to consider what they have learned and how they will incorporate it into their day jobs once they return home.

Global Pro Bono Program Models

Global Pro Bono programs can be designed to meet virtually any need – from week-long engagements designed to provide executives with limited time to be away from their jobs with an emerging market experience, to month-long, team-based programs that give employees the opportunity to delve deeper into a location and to undertake a more robust project, to fellowships lasting several months.

Team-Based Global Pro Bono

  • 6-8 weeks of virtual pre-departure training
  • 3-6 week team-based projects
  • 5-15 employees per team
  • Employees typically represent different offices, business functions and geographic regions within the organization
  • Teams travel to a single location and work with several local clients on skills-based projects
  • Impact measurement and reporting

Multi-Company Global Pro Bono

  • 5-15 participants per project
  • Multiple companies represented on each cohort
  • Opportunity for companies to send single individuals (up to five), paying only the direct costs of the expenses to place the individual participants in the assignment
  • TRIPLE WIN: 1) Unparalleled global leadership development for participants 2) Skilled consulting to build capacity in host non-profits 3) New insights, engaged employees, and well-deserved CSR reputations for the participating companies

Executive Insight Programs

  • Small teams of executives
  • Shorter, more consolidated projects
  • Helps high performing leaders develop global perspectives while tackling social challenges

Fellowship Programs

  • Pre-departure training
  • Individuals or small (2-3 person) teams
  • Average Project Duration: 3-6 months
  • Participants are embedded within organizations with a more extensive scope of work
  • Fellowship programs are often reserved for more experienced employees and generally require a minimum tenure at the company
  • Impact measurement and reporting

Virtual Global Pro Bono Programs

  • Pre-assignment workshop
  • Larger teams – up to 6 people per local client
  • 3-4 months of virtual consulting with more limited time on site
  • Deliverables tend to be similar to those found in traditional programs – business plans, marketing strategies, feasibility studies, etc.
  • Impact measurement and reporting

Local Pro Bono Programs

  • Small (2-4 person) teams
  • Joint non-profit and corporate team project scoping workshop
  • Flexibility in project scope and length
  • Participants are embedded full- or part-time within non-profit organizations in or near their home communities
  • Participants still commute regularly to and from their homes
  • Impact measurement and reporting

MBA On-Boarding

  • 1-2 month-long immersion learning experiences for new MBA hires
  • MBAs work as business advisors/consultants within host organizations in emerging markets on a range of projects including micro-enterprise, micro- finance, supply chain/procurement, export/trade, corporate social responsibility, operations, or private sector development.
  • Working collaboratively with partner institutions to strengthen organizational capacity, advisors gain critical global leadership skills to prepare them for successful consulting careers.

Our Global Pro Bono Clients

Global Pro Bono programs can serve the interests of almost any corporation interested in gaining insight and accelerating entry into new markets, and do so in a way that facilitates long-term social and economic development, with co-created value and mutually-shared prosperity. PYXERA Global has partnered with 27 corporate clients in implementing strategic global engagement programs. Current global pro bono clients include:

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