FAQs on Sustaining Your Social Impact Initiatives through Virtual Pro Bono

On Thursday April 30, 2020, my colleague Gavin Cepelak and I had a conversation with over 100 of our closest ‘friends’ around issues and trends corporations are facing in sustaining their social impact initiatives, and how to do so through virtual pro bono. Also joining us on the webinar was Yezenia Ramos, Senior Manager of Employee Engagement at Johnson & Johnson, who spoke about some of the ways the company is reimagining its social impact programs and ensuring employees remain engaged and involved with volunteer efforts virtually.

Tips to Engage Your Employees and Your Communities

Based on Pyxera Global’s 30 years of experience working with mission-driven organizations and through our partnerships with over 30 companies, we have developed best practices for companies seeking to support their employees’ continued community engagement in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

A Guidebook to Communicating with Global Pro Bono Program Stakeholders about COVID-19 Implications

All volunteer programs, from skills-based Global Pro Bono programs to traditional hands on engagements are experiencing significant changes to their plans as a result of COVID-19, with many programs postponed, canceled or shifted from in-person to virtual engagements. Informing program stakeholders—whether they are participating employees, host organizations, or other interested parties—about program changes and the long-term […]

Rayuwa: A Team Response to COVID-19 in Nigeria

Children look at figures on a chalkboard

Since the moment the novel coronavirus officially landed in Nigeria, the response from PYXERA Global’s Rayuwa program has been to ensure, as best we can, sustained program activities that build community resilience in a way that emphasizes the safety of the program’s staff and members of the community.

Unlocking Opportunity in Rwanda with SAP

The spirit of Umuganda—a Kinyarwanda word roughly translated as ‘coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome’—is familiar to SAP, a global software company dedicated to helping the world run better and improving people’s lives. SAP brings that dedication to life in their products, their services, and their people, including the SAP Social Sabbatical for executive engagement, a program in which SAP executives from around the world work with social organizations on mission-critical projects that will improve and expand their support to underserved communities.

Rayuwa: Translating John Deere’s Purpose into Practice

John Deere, PYXERA Global, the Government of Nigeria, and rural Nigerian communities share a vision—to achieve a food secure and prosperous Nigeria. To translate purpose into practice, John Deere and PYXERA Global created the Rayuwa program.

T I E Initiative: Infusing African Artistry into the World of Fashion and Interior Design

There’s a new model launching African artistry into the world of fashion and interior design: the T I E Initiative (Tradition. Innovation. Entrepreneurship). Showcasing the bright and complex hand-woven fabrics of Ghana and Ethiopia, the T I E model sets the stage to introduce iconic African design to global markets. It will provide the world of fashion and home décor a beautiful—and ethical—way to bring traditional hand-crafted products to consumers, while enhancing quality of life in African artisan communities.