Global Pro Bono LEAD

Global Pro Bono LEAD is an exclusive community of corporations advancing the field of Global Pro Bono (GPB)Global Pro Bono LEAD provides companies implementing GPB programs, programs that engage the skills of corporate employees to build the effectiveness of social sector organizations, with no-cost networking opportunity to connect around four pillars:


Learn from corporate peers and the implementing organization, PYXERA Global, who combined have decades of experience executing Global Pro Bono programs.


Exchange ideas and tools in designing, implementing, and evaluating Global Pro Bono programs.


Adapt and innovate on successful components of Global Pro Bono operating models.


Deliver Global Pro Bono programs that enhance program impact on employees, corporations, host clients, and communities.

“The biggest value is stepping outside of our company’s world and seeing what's going on with our peers. It's a refreshing way to lift one’s head out of the work that we can get sucked into.”

—Global Pro Bono LEAD Member


PYXERA Global is one of a handful of organizations that pioneered Global Pro Bono as a strategic approach for companies to leverage their most valuable assets, their employees, to generate shared value for the business and community. GPB programs are corporate-sponsored initiatives through which employees contribute their professional skills to host clients at no financial cost, including non-profits, social enterprises, educational institutions, and government entities.

In the early 2000s, PYXERA Global began partnering with companies, to design, facilitate, and measure the impact of these innovative programs. Sparked by the early leadership of companies such as IBM and GSK, the number of programs has continued to grow over the past decade. Global Pro Bono LEAD, formerly known as the International Corporate Volunteerism Leadership Council, was launched to create a space to share best practices, distribute lessons learned, and to encourage innovation amongst companies with Global Pro Bono programs.




Today, Global Pro Bono LEAD members represent leading companies across seven sectors—ICT, Health, Finance, Agriculture, Consumer Products, Transportation, and Chemicals—with 28 unique GPB programs ranging from one week to six months in duration and targeting a wide cross-section of employees.

Global Pro Bono LEAD Members

Accenture Development Partnerships
BD Volunteer Service Trip
Credit Suisse Global Citizens Program
Dow Leadership in Action
EY Vantage Program and EY-Earthwatch Ambassadors Program
FedEx Global Leadership Corps
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GSK Logo
IBM Corporate Service Corps
Intel Logo
John Deere Logo
JPMorgan Chase & Co Logo
La Caixa Foundation Logo
Mars Logo
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PepsiCo PepsiCorps
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Join Global Pro Bono LEAD and become a member of a community that will consistently empower you with knowledge and tools to advance GPB within your company and communicate its impact both internally and externally. 

Why Join?


Are you wondering how to align GPB programs with your broader business strategy, employee engagement strategy, or CSR approach?


Do you want to learn how to explain program benefits following a change in leadership within your organization?


Do you have existing or anticipated partnerships for which you seek alignment?


Are you familiar with the new program models designed to fit all levels of employees? 


Do you have questions on what to measure to explain ROI?


Are you measuring employee, business, and host client impact?


Companies eligible for membership to Global Pro Bono LEAD must either have an existing Global Pro Bono program or be in the process of starting a program. There is no requirement to be working with an implementing partner, including PYXERA Global. The roles and responsibilities of members are to be LEADers and commit to a maximum of eight hours of participation throughout the year that align with the four pillars by: sharing aspects of your GPB program experiences with the other Global Pro Bono LEAD members through presentations and other venues, actively participating in quarterly meetings, and collaborating with other Global Pro Bono LEAD members to raise the visibility of GPB programs.

Benefits of Membership

Recognized by the United Nations as a global network “contributing to building an environment for people to have an enhanced sense of ownership to support implementation of the SDGs, Global Pro Bono LEAD grants you immediate access to an exclusive community of peers with whom you can LEAD: Learn, Exchange, Adapt, and Deliver. In structuring the Global Pro Bono LEAD around these four pillars, members gain a broader network, as well as knowledge and proven tools to that will help you maximize the impact of your program for your employees, host clients, and your business


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